How to Get Rid of Lizards

Lizards can be annoying creatures. They like to hang out in high places and make noise at all hours of the day. It is enough to drive a person crazy! If you are tired of your lizard problem, there are many ways that you can get rid of them for good. This blog post will go over some ideas on how to get rid of lizards without using any lethal methods or chemicals that might cause harm if ingested by children and pets.

DIY a Pepper Spray

how to get rid of stubborn lizards. uUe DIY a Pepper Spray!

Are you tired from the constant intrusion and lack of peace in your home? Do not fret, for there are ways that will help solve this problem!

One way is by mixing some black pepper powder with water into a spray bottle and spraying it onto areas where they live or live most often. It’s said that because these pesky pests have an allergic reaction when exposed to hot spices like peppers so they’ll likely stay away after being sprayed once or twice at those spots!

Tabasco sauce, chilli flakes and red chilli powder work just as well if you’re looking for more potent solutions; however be sure never put any on plants since these substances can hurt them too.

Place Onion or Garlic in Frequented Corner

Place onion or garlic in frequented corner. Garlic and onions give off a pungent odor that deters the pest from inhabiting corners, returning to them; cloves can be placed around the home for convenience but they are strong enough as such not to need constant reapplication. If you prefer one-time use repellents, add the spices into water before adding it into a spray bottle!

Air Out Cabinets Regularly

Lizards are attracted to moist, damp places– and your cabinets fit the bill. Under-sink cabinets are the most at risk, so ensure it’s as dry and clean as can be. If you have a leaky pipe in your home or kitchen, consider fixing it before lizards take up residence under one of these pipes!

Expert tip: Cleaning out your cabinet on a regular basis is an easy way to prevent lizard eggs from being laid inside them; just make sure they’re nice and dry with plenty of fresh air circulating around them when not in use!

Use Naphthalene Balls

One way to keep lizards away is by using Naphthalene Balls. These have a pungent odour that humans get used to but lizards can’t tolerate, so consider keeping them in closets, kitchen drawers, under-sink cabinets and shelves for all your bases covered while also ensuring they are placed well away from food and water sources!

Use Empty Eggshells

When you just about to throw away the eggshells after making a couple of fluffy omelettes, think again! Why not use them as another way to get rid those pesky lizards? Lizards cannot stand the smell of eggs so place them in corners they frequent. To keep their scent strong and repel pests, wipe shells dry before using them and avoid washing or rinsing off remaining residue that is left on shell surface.

Dispose Open or Leftover Food

Sometimes the simplest solutions are often overlooked. In order to protect your home from lizards, there’s really only one thing you need: a clean house!

– Clean up any food spills that may be lying around on countertops and cabinets immediately so they don’t attract more pests into your household.

– For an even better solution, adopt a routine of deep cleaning kitchen cabinets regularly in case some loose crumbs have fallen behind them or under shelves where it can go unnoticed for longer periods of time than would otherwise happen with quick daily checks.

This way not only will you get rid alive creatures before they become too much trouble but also avoid having rotting leftovers lingering inside cupboards which could cause other health problems like attracting cockroaches.

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