Facts About Sun Bear – You Should Know !

Enormous yet tiny: The sun bear is actually the littlest of the world’s 8 bear types, about half the dimension of the American black bear. Its popular name arises from the white colored or yellowish bow signifying on its upper body, which many people assume seems like the establishing or rising sun. Each bear’s peak is specific– like fingerprints.

The sun bear’s mandibles give a strong bite pressure and are typically made use of to tear into plants to get at the delving pests below the skin. They have an unique pigeon-toed walk, a modification to their arboreal way of life. Like various other bears, sun bears have an awesome sense of smell, believed to be actually numerous thousand times much better than that of human beings.


The sun bear ases if to make its property in the limbs of trees. Its little measurements, 4-inch-long (10 centimeters) paws, and huge paws with hairless soles aid the little bit of bear relocation concerning along with simplicity higher up in plants.

Those branches also create a great spot to develop a home for resting or even sunbathing within the day, although in locations untroubled by people, sun bears are actually more likely to lean on the ground. Their eyes are more forward-facing than those of longer-snouted bears like polar bears, which is actually an additional adjustment thought to assist in going up.

The sun bear possesses all the tools needed to safeguard itself. What’s additional, the sun bear can easily be a simple agent when it needs to have to be actually, exceeding more lumbering bears like large pandas.

The omnivorous sun bear relies mostly on fruit and pests to satisfy its needs. Solid jaws as well as pearly whites even aid this bear open coconuts!

The sun bear’s particularly lengthy tongue is flawlessly suited for accessing honey and also pests inside plants and other tight locations. Its own appetite for coconuts, oil palms, and also other industrial crops has resulted in a lot of disagreement between sun bears and also human beings. Regretfully, this problem is actually a substantial preservation hazard to the sun bear, as the little bears are actually commonly killed or taken for the pet field.

At the San Diego Zoo, sun bears consume fruit product, veggies, as well as an omnivore pellet that’s a great deal like dog kibble. They likewise acquire bones to gnaw on twice a week as well as, for enrichment, an array of rewards like mealworms, crickets, and even peanut butter!


Cub hunting: Sun births do not have a particular reproduction period; in reality, adult women sun bears are the only bear species known to pattern many times every year. Homes have actually been actually noticed in leafy plants on the ground or even in weak records. Cubs are actually born powerless and also hairless, unable to smell or even hear, as well as are entirely reliant upon their mama for protection, warmth, as well as food items. Mamas at times walk upright and also lug their infants in their paws or oral cavity to move them coming from place to spot.

Sun bear children manage to play and also run at approximately 4 to 5 months old, as well as they are probably normally discouraged at approximately 18 months of age. They perhaps remain with their mom, nonetheless, for concerning 2 years as they find out the facts of life.

Sun births vocalize making use of a range of different audios. Threatening sun bears can easily yell, roar, and also roar, certainly not unlike various other bears.

The degree to which sun bears make use of chemical interaction has actually not been actually well chronicled. Sun bears carry out massage against trees as well as rocks, a habits recognized coming from other bear types to deposit hair and also other scent samples that others may examine.


Our extremely 1st sun bear got there in 1928, as well as it was rather an achievement for a younger zoo in a tiny area to get such an unusual bear! In 1935, 2 more got here. On New Year’s Eve, 1938, our experts invited our 1st Malayan sun bear cub; unfortunately, it did certainly not survive long. More cubs were birthed in the very early 1940s. It was a difficulty to stay on top of these clever bears; a 1940 article coming from our participant magazine, ZOONOOZ, recollects:

” We offered all of them a cement tree, which they moved on to damage to pieces with claws as well as pearly whites. Prior to the 1st full week was actually over they possessed all of the concrete damaged off the tree and also the branches, produced of tough poles of reinforcement iron, bent all out of form, as well as the metallic lath upon which the concrete gunnite had actually been fired dangling in scraps.

In 1965, a Malayan sun bear named Boo was actually fairly “discharged” from the USA Naval force and donated to the Zoo’s Youngster’s Zoo after providing much more than 6 months as the pet to the Seabees of MCB 10 in the combating region of Vietnam. Boo had the accolade of being among the few pets to get dental care from a navy dental professional; seemingly, the Seabees nourished her a bunch of desserts, inducing oral issues. Yet another “celebrity” sun bear during that time was Josephine, who had been actually the pet of the University of The Golden State, Los Angeles’ regulation football group in 1961.

When Sun Bear Rainforest opened up at the Zoo in 1989, 5 youthful Malayan sun births promptly, and real to create, wrecked their brand-new home, removing yard, trees, as well as everything else they could possibly discover. Zoo engineers and horticulturists once more had to redesign the display to make it even more “bear proof.” Still, the new exhibit was a success, as we invited the childbirth of Stanley later that year.

Our Zoo is presently home to a Bornean sun bear named Marcella. As the only effectively generating female Bornean sun bear in the USA, Marcella is actually an excellent ambassador for sun bear preservation. Her first cub, Danum, was birthed in 2004, the first Bornean sun bear to become born in The United States. Second son Bulan was born in 2006, and also in 2008, Marcella had identical twins Pagi as well as Palu. Marcella and her little ones enabled scientists and keepers the unusual opportunity to study mother/cub interactions given that sun bears are thus difficult to find in the crazy. All four of Marcella’s progeny have moved to other zoos as portion of the Types Survival Plan for sun bears.


Sun bears are actually a types prone to termination. Their hunger for oil hand and also other industrial crops has led to a whole lot of trouble in between sun bears as well as humans, and also wild sun bears are walking a survival tightrope.

The population of this particular uncommon bear is actually believed to have decreased greater than 30 percent in the final 30 years. Although it is prohibited to eliminate sun bears, rules shielding all of them are hardly ever imposed.

San Diego Zoo Global, through previous engagement in the Bornean Sun Bear Species Survival Strategy as well as present efforts along with zoos worldwide, is actually surely doing its part to assist these mirthful and small bears. Our experts also work together along with the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Center (BSBCC) in Sabah, Borneo. BSBCC acts as a rescue as well as recovery center for orphaned and also hurt sun bears.

Our team are thrilled concerning creating our relationship in to a research opportunity that are going to help in the preservation of the smallest bear upon Earth and also can offer knowledge right into this bear’s the field of biology. We know coming from our past job, for example, that sun bear mamas and also panda moms are actually very identical in their attentive maternal-care styles, as well as each pandas and sun bears differ from the much less active hibernating bears like brown and dark bears. What various other similarities and also differences between the bear species will our company discover?

Small yet enormous: The sun bear is the tiniest of the world’s eight bear types, about half the measurements of the American black bear. Cub hunting: Sun births don’t possess a specific reproduction season; in fact, adult female sun bears are actually the only bear species understood to cycle a number of times each year. Her first cub, Danum, was born in 2004, the initial Bornean sun bear to be born in North United States. Their cravings for oil palm and various other commercial plants has led to a lot of trouble between sun bears and also human beings, and untamed sun bears are walking a survival tightrope.

We recognize from our past work, for example, that sun bear mamas as well as panda mamas are extremely identical in their conscientious maternal-care styles, and also each pandas as well as sun bears contrast from the much less active hibernating bears like brownish and black bears.