CONFRONTING SCARCITY: Managing water, energy and land for inclusive and sustainable growth

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Water, energy and land, three crucial resources for development and human well-being, are under increasing strain due to rising food prices, climate change, global population growth and economic growth. Today almost a billion people are undernourished, 0.9 billion have no safe water and 1.5 billion no source of electricity. Worse still, at current rates, by 2030 demand for energy and water will have grown by 40% – and by 50% for food.

CTA e-consultation on Science, Indigenous Knowledge and Innovation

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Start 27/09/2010 (All day) End 25/10/2010 (All day)

Science and Technology

On September 02, CTA launched an e-consultation on “Science, Indigenous
Knowledge and Innovation: Implications for ACP Agriculture” in
preparation for the 9th meeting of the Advisory Committee (AC) on
Science and Technology (S&T) for ACP Agricultural and Rural

AC members and invited speakers will deliberate on four main issues:



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The AQUASTAT database provides information on water and agriculture by countries in the following main categories:

- Land use and population

Water for Agriculture and Energy in Africa

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Start 15/12/2008 (All day) End 17/12/2008 (All day)

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