Una nueva App para la mejora de la disposición de residuos sólidos- COLOMBIA

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RELEASE : WPT App for IOS and Android-FREE

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An app to clean the world's water?

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By John Sutter, CNN
October 25, 2010

That's the seemingly obvious idea behind a new smartphone app, called Flow, that lets people in the developing world snap pictures of water pumps that are broken.

The smartphone app, which is designed on the Android platform, will help everyday people and field workers illuminate problems in installed water systems, he said. New financial schemes and perhaps technology should be able to help remote villages care for these foreign water
treatment systems, he said, so that their aid isn't just temporary.

The Flow app -- which is an acronym for "field level operations watch" -- is available from the group's website only, but it should be posted on Google's Android Market app store within a month, Breslin said.

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