Workshop presentations are now online!

Submitted by Water Team on 25 October, 2012 - 15:07

Through its global network of Centres of Excellence in Water Science and Technology, this event which was held in Ispra (Italy) from the 15-18th October aimed at exchanging and disseminating good practises in water resources management among experts from Africa (African Union/NEPAD Networks of Water Centres of Excellence), Latin America (RALCEA), China (EU-China plateform) and Europe (JRC and other experts).

You can find all the PowePoint presentations in the following page.

The themes of the Workshop were the following: 

1. Water Sector Stakeholder Analysis and Participation (DAY 1)
a. Water Sector Stakeholders needs analysis for capacity building
b. Platforms and Networks of stakeholders
c. Stakeholders participation in the framework of IWRM
2. Water Resources Balance and assessment (DAY 2)
a. Promoting water resources management best practices
b. Water resources and climate variability
c. Knowledge management for Water Resources
3. Water Quality and Sanitation (DAY 3)
a. Innovative technologies for water quality management
b. Water treatment adapted technologies in developing countries
c. Innovative technologies for filtration and sanitation